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SLBdiensten is the ICT partner of education. We advise and support educational institutions in the selection, purchase and proper deployment of essential educational and IT infrastructure software.

SLBdiensten started over 30 years ago as an intermediary between the software industry and secondary and intermediate vocational education. So we are really born from education and grew up with technology. Meanwhile, we have grown into an organization that can support educational institutions in the field of ICT from A to Z.

Part of Breens Network

SLBdiensten is part of Breens Network, a Dutch ICT network where education and technology come together. The network contributes to the digital future of learning and development and its mission is to contribute to the education of tomorrow with intuitive, accessible and effective technological innovations today.

Become a customer

Would you like your school or other educational institution to benefit from software licenses offered by SLBdiensten? You can, if you are based in The Netherlands and the conditions below apply to you.

Please contact our Servicedesk to sign up.

Participation in the licensing agreements of SLBdiensten is generally restricted to:

  • Regional training centres
  • Senior secondary vocational education
  • Adult education
  • Secondary education
  • Pre-vocational education
  • Organisations working for the above institutions.

Other institutions that wish to make use of the agreements must be funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for at least 50 percent, either directly or indirectly. It is strictly prohibited to use the licenses for commercial purposes.

Information for suppliers

Would you like the chance to offer your software to educational institutions through SLBdiensten? Or would you like to know more about our methods? Please contact us via or +31(0)20 - 420 13 96.